“As far back as I remember, I have played music and wanted people to join me. Music has brought me around the the world and through singing I have been fortunate to make  friendships for life through my journeys with Up With People and later the Vocal Ensembles Papaya and Dopplers”.

I am a Choral Conductor and Concert Designer, working with a specific method of staging choral performances, called Concert Design. Concert Design is a concept I developed through my research at The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Roskilde University. 

In 2009 I founded the Vocal Ensemble Dopplers that focus on the Concert Design approach to performing vocal music across a broad palette of genres.  

  • She is the artistic director of Dopplers, which she founded in 2009. She works as a freelance teacher of choral conducting and concert design, and composes music for choirs and theater productions.
  • Astrid has initiated the collaborative choir project Ubuntusong, where choir singers from around the world promote cross cultural understanding through song. The project debut was released in 2018, and is a tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the South African philosophy, Ubuntu.

I finished writing my PhD on the topic of Concert Design, with the purpose of developing methods to create alternative concert experiences. I also work as a conductor, teach at Roskilde University and present workshops in DK and abroad.